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Honey is exceptionally rich in carbohydrates, amino acids, enzymes, organic acids, vitamins, oligo-elements, pollen, royal jelly, plant based antibiotics and numerous other compounds. The quality of honey is better is if it contains more monosaccharide, glucose and fructose, because these simple sugars are much easier for our body to absorb. They quickly pass into the bloodstream and recover the energy. Represented enzymes that regulate biochemical, processes in the body are inverters catalyses and many others. Plenty of microelements, Fe, Zn, K, Na, Mg, they increase –prophylactic value of honey. Vitamins present in honey have a higher pharmacological activity of synthetically produced ones, because other active substances such as enzymes, hormones and numerous microelements increase their therapeutic effect on the body. Place, plant species of the bee pastures, its physical and chemical properties…We have to have all the information if we want to apply honey in therapy.

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