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Preventing Varoe chemically created resistance leaving the contamination in the honey, wax and pollen. Formic acid, oxalic acid and lactic acid particularly attracted the attention of many scientists and beekeeper practitioners. Professionally used, and on time, it destroys 90 – 95% Varroa and other parasites found in beehive. At III international symposium on varroasis bees held in Split, prof. Grobov (then SSSR) expressed the opinion of the Soviet researchers that, at least for now, drugs that act by evaporation (thymol, formic acid, Apiguard, Apilife Var, oxalic and lactic acids are natural products) better than others, because they are reach to all parts hives out into the open as well as closed nest, where they destroy or damage Varoa. These drugs do not harm the nest and losses of the queen bees are minimal. German beekeepers, for combating Varroa, are increasingly using formic acid, and at the same time take into account that the dose is not exceeded. Otherwise the effects of treatment are negative.

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