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Professional wax separator

282,000.00 din

Barrel: 0.8 mm INOX 304 sheet
Cover: Transparent Acrylon 4mm

Outer diameter: Ø880 mm
Inner diameter: Ø850 mm
Height at legs: 1200 mm
Height of barrel: 1050 mm

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A professional wax separator is a machine that filters honey during the extraction process, separates honey and honey caps and all other impurities that ultimately pose a problem. It is made of INOX 304 sheet metal 0.8 mm thick with INOX 304 beam and plasticized legs. This makes it long-lasting, and above all suitable for the food industry and work with honey. The transparent lid allows a view inside the separator and monitoring the honey output during operation. The engine is positioned at the bottom and power is 370W. The capacity of this machine is up to 300kg of honey per hour, depending on the centrifuges capacity used along with him. For a detailed explanation of how this machine is used and works, watch the video.