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VaroLiTom – Feeding the Bees

1,600.00 din

One pack contains:
Li-citrate and sucrose up to 15 g
Li-citrate purity: 97%


Method of administration: Dissolve the VaroLiTom bag in 10 liters of chilled 30% water-sugar syrup (see the operating instructions for the preparation of 30% aqueous sugar solution on the package ). In this way, a quantity of 10 liters of VaroLiTom supplement is obtained, which is sufficient to treat 10 bee communities, and each one is given one liter of the prepared solution. Feeding is carried out in three cycles and every six days, so there is one bag in the package for each cycle. Feeding should be made in accordance with the instructions and scheme shown on the packaging. Use reconstituted VaroLiTom solution immediately. Full feeding should be done after removing attachments with honey.
Store at room temperature, in the original container and out of the reach of children.