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Destroys Varroa

Package of 10 sticks


COMPOSITION: 1 drug-impregnated swab containing 80 mg fluvalinate

EFFECT: fluvalinate, cianopiretroid of broad-spectrum acts on the central and peripheral nervous system of Varroa Destructor parasite.

Indication: Treatment of varroa bee

Application and dosage: The sticks are placed between the side frames on the nest side, between 3. and 4. and 7. and 8. of the frames. Sticks placed like this are left in the hive for 30 to 35 days. Treatment can be performed in early spring and late fall when there are fewer nests. It is efficient even if only 10 to 15 % of the bees in the nest touch the wand, they will transfer the fluvinate thought the entire bee hive. Treatment may be carried out in the winter under the condition that the temperature is not lower than + 10 ° C.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not put chopsticks in the nest or tangle except in case of emergency when the attack of the Varroa is large and do so carefully.