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Wax separator for beginners – electric 12/220V

66,000.00 din

Barrel: 0.6 mm INOX 304 sheet
Faucet: PVC or INOX 304
Basket: INOX 304
Cover: Transparent Acrylon 4mm

Outer diameter: Ø625 mm
Inner diameter: Ø600 mm
Height at legs: 950 mm
Height of barrel: 650 mm

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The wax separator for beginners is a machine that filters honey after extraction, separates honey and honey lids and all other impurities that are a problem in the end. It is made of INOX 304 sheet 0.6 mm thick with plasticized beam and legs. Small size and light weight, which makes it easily transportable. The transparent lid allows a view inside the separator and monitoring the honey output during operation. The back side of the cover is 304 stainless steel sheet 1 mm thick and it is also the entrance of the honey.